Share and connect important information with your pet's extended family to provide the best care possible.

Well Informed Pet provides a holistic view of your pet’s life - allowing you to make the most informed and caring decisions for your pet. 



Well Informed Pet consolidates
health information
so you can
feel better in managing your
pet’s health.

Share your pet’s medical story
with the extended family of
caregivers ensuring the pet is
getting the best and most
consistent care possible.

Well Informed Pet will alert you
with any relevant health events -
vaccinations, shots,
appointments, etc.



If your pet is older and needs
more attention in monitoring its

If your pet has a chronic illness
and its daily habits need to be
tracked and recorded…

If you want to track the activity of
a healthy pet: its diet and
exercise routine...

If you need help remembering
when to order food or when your
pet needs a checkup or shots...

If you are Traveling and need
your pet’s health information
wherever you and your pet go...

You need to stay Well Informed
with Well Informed Pet!