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Well Informed Pet records and organizes your pet's health and wellness information...

Then you can share these records with anyone in your pet's life by just clicking a button. 

Put all your pet's health records in one place and give access to anyone (Mom, your neighbor, sitter).  

  • Reduce the stress of traveling with your pet - paper records are one less thing to remember and bring with you.
  • Stop worrying about your pet when you're away - check out pictures, comments, and more left by your walker, sitter, or boarding facility.
  • Keep up with changes in your pet's health - and share these changes with your vet immediately.
  • Avoid confusion at the groomer, boarding kennel, or trainer – your care instructions are all in one place.

Everything about your pet in one place - accessible by your phone.



Upload / import any relevant pet documents to our secure cloud storage - access them from anywhere you have internet connection.

Create categories to find your pet's records when you need them (like standing in a busy new vet's office).

Know exactly when your pet last received their medications or vaccinations – and what the dosage instructions are.

Search for any activities, keywords, etc., to find relevant information from your pet’s history quickly.

View a timeline of your pet’s history and filter by categories, too.

And, yes, add as many pets as you need to!



Give anyone who takes care of your pet access to records - and you control exactly what they see.

You can add to-do lists for your caretakers or yourself - and Well Informed Pet will send a reminder one day before the task is due.

Set up, track, and manage your pet's appointments, then share them with your pet's team.

Add updates on your pet's health (comments, photos, or documents) - your pet's team can do the same so you know exactly what's going on with your pet while you're away.

Share the fun stuff, too - without competing with the noise of social media.

Transfer pet ownership from one owner to another (or pass health info on to the adopter if you’re a rescue).


Well Informed Pet is free to use.

You won't be asked to provide any payment information at sign up. So if you decide to stop using the app (we don't think you will), no surprise charges later on.

Simplify your pet's life – along with your own.

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